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Each student should compose definitions for 3 to 5 essential terms used in the background theory or exercises. These terms will be assigned individually after the registration for ABLab.
The definitions should br clear, conside and sufficient!

Examples of the terms:

16S rRNA tree, Alignment, Annotation (sequence, genome), Augustus (tool), Bayes' rule, Bayesian phylogeny, BIOPERL, BLAST, blastn, blastp, blastx, BLOSUM (matrix), Bootstrap, ClustalW, ClustalX, Comparative genomics, Conditional probability, Contigs, d distance, David Lipman, Dayhoff, Margaret, DDBJ, deep RNA sec, Denisovian human, Domain (sequence analysis), Domain (tree of life), Dot matrix analysis, E value, EMBL, Encode, EVidenceModeller (tool), exonerate (tool), FGENESH (tool), FGENESH+, Gene, Gene expression microarray, Gene synteny, GeneId (genomics), GeneMark-ES (tool), Genetic distance, GeneWise (tool), Genome Assembly, Genome mapping, GlimmerHMM, GO (Gene Ontology), Haplotype, HapMan project, Homologous, Homoplasy, Horizontal gene transfer, Human microbiome, Humap genome progect, Insertion (sequence comparisom), InterProScan, Joe Felsenstein, KEGG (genomics), KOG (genomics), MAKER (genome annotation pipeline), Maximum likelihood method, Michael S. Waterman, microRNA, Mike Waterman, mitochondrial Eve, Molecular clock, Mr. Bayes, MrBayes, NEXUS, Nirenberg Marshall W. & genetic code, Node (phylogenetic analysis), Non-synonymous mutation, Object-oriented database, ORF, Orthologous, orthologs, OTU, p distance, Pair-wise sequence algnment, Paralogous, paralogs, Parsimony, PASA (tool), PAUP*, Pearson, Bill, PFAM, PHYLIP, PIR, Posterior probability, PROSITE, Proteome and proteomics, pseudogenes, PSI-BLAST, RATT (genomics), Relational database, RepeatModeler (tool), Rfam, RNAmmer, Sequin, Shot gun sequencing, SignalP, SNAP, SNP, Swiss-Prot, Swissprot, Swofford, David L., Synonymous mutation, Temple Smith, transcriptomics, Transition (sequence comparison), TransposonPSI, Transversion (sequence comparison), tRNA Scan, UNIGENE, Walter Goad, Y-STR test, Zygosity,