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Main exercises
The core of ABLab is composed of exercises when students should get practical skills in analysis of protein, gene or genome sequence data. These exercises do not necessary have only one solution, rather they can be completed in a few alternative ways. Therefore these are tasks which are the same for the whole class but each student may find her/his individual way to present the results.
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The mission of ABLab is completed when all glossary terms, research topics are filled and all exercises successfully performed.

Exercise headings:

1.     Protein phylogeny

Introduction to phylogenetic analysis and protein structure (max. 10 - 12 hours)

2.      Entrez search for for the amino acid sequence of the human heat shock factor

basic training for sequence data retrieving (max. 3 hours)

3.      Homology between genes controlling eye development

search for homologous protein sequences (max. 3 hours)

4.      Mitochondrial cytochrome b from elephants and mammoth

use of simple sequence comparison to determine phylogenetic relations (max. 4 hours)

5.      Biological Classification and Nomenclature

training in basic taxonomy of living organisms and search for genome databases (max. 4 hours)

6.      Phylogeny of hippos using PAUP*

the most comprehensive exercise on pylogeny and other methods (attention! max. 10 - 12 hours)

7.      Genome Annotation and Function

detection of the gene structure and functional annotation of an unknown fragment of the genome of E. coli K-12 (attention! max. 10 - 12 hours)