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ABLab Seminar
2011 ABLab Seminar 2011


ABLab Seminar WS2010/2011

January 19th, 14:00 - 18:00

  1. Do we evolve? Theresa Edlmayr (postponed for January 26th)
  2. Human metagenomics Theresa Radebner
  3. Gene duplication and evolution of color vision of primates Carolina Escobar
  4. Romanov DNA Alice Rassinger
  5. Human Genome Project Johannes Lichti
  6. The Personal Genome Project Anna Rohrböck
  7. Jim Watson's Genome Agnes Przylucka
  8. Pharmacogenomics Laura Rossetti
  9. Will Y's disappearance happen? Yevhen Taran
  10. Historical records of Phoenician footprints Romana Gaderer

Modern challenges in BIOINFORMATICS

ABLab Seminar WS2010/2011

January 26th, 11:00 - 15:00

  1. Bioinformatic portret of novel influenza virus H1N1   ...  by Ipek Altiok
  2. Decoding the common cold virus Bianca Bruckner
  3. Molecular clock in phylogenetic analysis Jasmin Hauzenberger
  4. Viral evolution Andreas Schröder
  5. Horizontal gene transfer Claudia Koger
  6. Evolution of sex Christopher Stephan
  7. Metagenomics: evolutionary history of mammoth Anita Seeböck
  8. Dog genome evolution Bernd Trimmel
  9. Evolution of cats Daniela Ehgartner
  10. Pseudogenes Malvina Milosevic
  11. Challenges of the high-throughput sequencing Eva Ullmann