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ABLab Seminar
2012 VI ABLab Seminar 2012

The history of Homo sapience in four letters

January 20th, 10:00 - 16:00

  1. Genetic differences between humans and other great apesby Christian Hutterer
  2. Metagenomics by Lena Leberbauer
  3. Birth of Homo sapience by Bernhard Sissolak
  4. Do we evolve? by Richard Haberlik
  5. Ancient interbreeding revealed based of bits of archaic DNA admixtureby Karl-Heinz Diener
  6. How the multiregional admixture with archaic humans shaped modern human immune system by Melanie Feichter
  7. Malaria, sickle-cell anemia or something else: how DNA analysis reveals possible causes of untimely death of King Tutby Maximilian Bonta
  8. Human Genome Project by Magdalena Kment
  9. The personal Genome Project by Tanja Lindner
  10. Jim Watson's Genome by Viktoria Koncz
  11. Human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroupsby Philipp Haider
  12. Romanov DNA by Gwendolin Korinek

BIOINFORMATICS for good and for bad

January 23th, 11:00 - 17:00

  1. Viral evolution by Elisabeth Soher
  2. Molecular clock in phylogenetic analysis by Robert Pletzenauer
  3. Bioinformatic portret of novel influenza virus H1N1: genomes, diagnostic sequences, phylogeny and the current outbreak by Jenny Arnling Bååth
  4. The common cold virus by Dominik Sauer
  5. DNA fingerprinting for forensic investigations: genetic dragnet or technological progress?by Franziska Buchholz
  6. We are what we eat: a genetic drift for susi eatersby Lukas Kerul
  7. Gene duplication and evolution of color vision of primates by Kulwant Kandra
  8. Dog genome evolution by Roland Martzy
  9. Evolution of cats by Anna Maria Mitterhauser
  10. Metagenomics: evolutionary history of mammoth by Aneta Nowakowska
  11. Man made life by Miriam Livoi
  12. Evolution of sex by Thomas Taus
  13. Pharmacogenomics by Carina Nussdorfer