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ABLab Seminar
2013 VII ABLab seminar 2013: Bioinformatics in daily life

BIOINFORMATICS in daily life

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January 18th, 12:00 - 18:00    

1.    Birth of Homo sapiens by Guenther Bonifert
4.    Do we evolve? by Melanie Grandits
5.    Human Genome Project by Kristina Ortner
6.    The personal Genome Project by Karin Ortner
7.    Jim Watson's Genome by Magdalena Mayr
8.    Genomis of a human Fetus by Nina Kainersdorfer
9.    Ancient interbreeding and archaic DNA admixture by Alexander Beinhauer
10.    How archaic humans shaped modern human immune system by Lukas Marschall
11.    DNA analysis reveals possible causes of untimely death of King Tut by Ahmed Abdelaaty
12.    Romanov DNA by Sandra Stranzinger

Questions, scores and answers for this seminar may be found here

January 21th, 12:00 - 18:00

  1.  We are what we eat: a genetic drift for susi eaters by Max Kosok 
  2. Man made life by Barbara Roth 
  3. Human Microbiome Project by Victoria Dorrer
  5. Dog genome evolution by Komal Kariyankode
  6. Evolution of cats by Gudi Schnitzer
  7. Evolution of sex by Thomas Gundinger
  8. Gene duplication and evolution of color vision of primates by Miriam Huber
  9. Metagenomics: Evolutionary History of Mammoth by Kerstin Quirchmayr
  10. Hidden treasures in 'Junk DNA' by Anna-Katharina Koch
  11. Bioinformatic portret of novel influenza virus H1N1 by Martina Birnstingl
  12. Decoding the common cold virus by Malgorzata Boraca
  13. Molecular clock in phylogenetic analysis by Melanie Reitmaier
  14. Viral evolution by Karin Wieland

Questions and answers for this seminar can be see here