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ABLab Seminar
2018 XII ABLab Seminar

by Master Students Technical Chemistry Biotechnology and Bioanalytics TU Wien

Moderated by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Irina Druzhinina

Winter Semester 2017/2018, January 09 - 10, 2018 14:00 - 18:30

Bioscience Seminar Room, Gumpendorferstrasse 1a, BH, A1060, Wien

The Program

January 09, 2018

14:00 Introduction

by Komal Chenthamara

14:30 New! Genomics of races, nations, and DNA for weapon

by Vladimir Berezhinskiy & Dominik Schendl

15:00 New! Genomics and skin color

by Laurenz Rabl & Barbara Schmid

15:30 revised! Are we Neandertals?

by Angelika Kabicher and Denise Schaffer

16:00 New! Genomes of the first farmers

by Isabella Cervenka  & Stefan Kirnbauer

16:30 New! Genomes of Minoans and Mycenaeans

by Viktor Sedlmayr & Lizaveta Sidarenka

17:00 New! Most popular genes in a human genome

by Regina Kutscha

17:30 HLA genes and bioinformatics of human mate preferences

by Stefan Kittler & Silvia Schobesberger

18:00 Test

January 10, 2018

14:00 New! CRISPR and anti-CRISPR in bacteria

by Sophia Steinbacher

14:30 Always new! CRISPR and human genome engineering

by Bernd Mitic and Georg Scherfler

15:00 New! Gene therapy, CRISPR technology and HIV cure

by Johanna Kreuter

15:30 Pharmacogenomics revised

by Mohamed Shamseldin

16:00 New! Single Cell Genomics and mutations in a human brain

by Julian Ebner & Lukas Rettenbacher

16:30 How do elephants avoid cancer?

by Niklas Baumann

17:00 Longevity and resistance to cancer of the naked mole rat

by Emman Al-Hashimi

17:30 Origin and early spread of HIV-1 in human populations

by Nikolaus Poremba & Max Winkler

18:00 Test